Yesterday, I played a little with ”Network Stumbler” while trying to find out what the laptop was doing with its network interface.

Of course, leaving the laptop at home while driving to the in-laws today wasn’t really an option, one must play with the new toys, so we hooked it up to the GPS, a task that wasn’t as simple as it should have been since the GPS is USB and netstumbler handles serial only. Using a newer wardriving software, such as Inssider was impossible, the laptop has W2K and not XP. The solution was a trial version of Franson GPSGate which translates Garmin USB to a virtual NMEA serial port.

There are lots and lots of AP:s out there. You drive past a field, and the software picks up something from behind a small copse in the distance. It is amazingly sensitive, even when enclosed in the metal cage of the car.

What surprised me was the amount of unencrypted networks, 52 out of a total of 110, making it nearly one unencrypted network per kilometer, not counting the ones that were shielded by the car. (I tried walking around with the computer when we got to our destination, and it immediately found three networks not detected when driving).

Is this due to incompetence, or is it a clever scheme to try to aquire deniability in case IFPI knocks on the door?


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