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Vice / X64 C64 emulator remote control from smart-phone

Posted in nörderier with tags , , , , , on 2013-10-13 by Kristian

I got tired of fiddling around with the mouse to load diskette images in my Vice/X64 setup, and hacked together a small web application to do it from the smartphone.

In short, it presents the contents of a database of all your software in the phone browser and allows remote start of any C64  program.

The design is based on IUI,, and the remote mechanism relies on the remote monitor in X64, which required some patches to work fully, see the README in the source for details.

Source code, a few very short php scripts + some bash code, is available for the brave at Bitbucket:, but don’t expect any fast support, it is in the 80% working state, which means that I’m likely to lose interest in it really soon…

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