IKEA Rothult Part 3 – Reassembly and debug connectors

I cut out a slot for the breakout cabling and reassembled the lock. A better solution would have been to drill a small hole in the side, desolder/resolder the wires and route them through the hole instead. I will do that _later_, if I manage to reprogram the lock.


A quick test with various RFID cards revealed that the message on the serial bus always is ”52 46 41 4c 3a 20 63 75 72 53 74 3a 20 39 30 20 20 45 72 72 6f 72 3a 20 34 20 00 0a” which translates to ”RFAL: curSt: 90 Error: 4 ”.

This does not change regardless of the how the lock reacts to the card. Hence, useless.

It is intriguing though, why send ”error 4” even when the card is accepted?

I also connected the probe to H1 and H2, the connectors to the SWD port, but no signalling occurred on those.


Bus Pirate and Rothult

Unfortunately, the bus pirate and Rothult didn’t really work out. There is an implementation of the SWD protocol for the bus pirate, that I totally would have tried unless I had worked 50+ hour weeks for most of the winter. So I gave up and ordered some more toys from Mouser.


Left to Right: STM32 discovery board, Busblaster v4, ST-Link V2.1 with cables

OK, the STM32 discovery board would have been sufficient, it has a built in separately usable ST-Link, but the other items more or less paid for themselves due to the free delivery over 50 dollars thing. Or at least that is what I tell myself…

Waiting for Fedex

Have you ever tried getting a delivery with Fedex in a rural area? Then you know.

To be continued in part 4, ”connecting and using the debug tools”

Meanwhile, install OpenOCD, gdb, and if running an appropriate OS, the ST-Link utility.

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