STM32 / ARM toolchain

Since I bricked the ROTHULT lock by somehow managing to accidentally zero the firmware, I need to write my own firmware. Having done mostly embedded coding for Arduino (and AVR328P in stand-alone configuration) and ESP8266, I figured that the Arduino IDE surely had some nice additions to solve the problem.

Wrong, or at least I didn’t find any suitable for the STM32L05. (This might be wrong, there is for example Arduino IDE support for several types of STM32 processors available here )

Then what?

I decided to not go for any of the ”free for hobbyists and students” options that I got flyers for in the ST-Link package, partly because I need another IDE like I need the plague, partly because I decided to use the old macbook (hence not windows) for hacking since it has a decent command line, partly because I want to go open source for the principle of it.

As usual when I try something new, I end up trying Eclipse. Then I uninstall it. The next day, I usually reinstall it, try again, and give up once more. There are lots of rants online describing why Eclipse sucks, so it seems like I’m not alone. My main reason is that it is overly complex for the job and configuration is a hell. It is probably very nice if you have the time and energy, but it is not for me.

Anyway, if you like Eclipse, there are a few options: and

Then (after _a lot_ of searching) I found which seems like the right way to do things, and I managed to blink the two LEDs on my discovery board.

What you need (assuming that you use Homebrew on your mac, similar packages are available for Linux and should be easy to find with your favorite package manager):

  • brew install arm-gcc-bin stlink open-ocd
  • git clone

Then config and run the examples.



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