Solder Fume Extractor

Solder fumes are evil. 

Hence, I’ve planned to add a fume extractor to my workshop for years, but haven’t been really motivated until after finishing my PhD which oddly enough resulted in time to have hobbies again -> more soldering.


I used a square ventilation duct mounted on the garage wall to get the fumes out of the building, then a flexible ventilation hose from the round connector at the bottom of the duct to allow positioning of the extractor close to the work area.

The first proof of concept used a circular fan, but that suffered from low capacity as well as a tendency to roll around on the table.

Having a spare 120 mm high-capacity fan, I decided to CAD and 3D-print an adapter, which turned out really nice. It stays put where you place it and have a much higher capacity than the round one.

There will of course be a fan cover to protect the fingers, once I find it (or print a new).

(STL and FreeCAD sources are available from Thingiverse)


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