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Posted in in English, software on 2008-07-13 by Kristian

Too lazy to play ”minesweeper”?

Try ”sweep-o-matic”!

(download) (start in browser, requires plugin see below)

Sweep-o-matic plays minesweeper for you, which is at least as interesting as playing it yourself.

(Requires tcl/tk, downloadable here, or the tcl/tk firefox plugin, downloadable here. The plugin doesn’t play nice with ff3, it crashes when you press the ”back” button, at least mine does)

phun – "the 2D physics sandbox"

Posted in in English, software on 2008-07-04 by Kristian

Our latest addiction is ”phun”, a 2D physics simulation for your desktop. The son is absolutely fascinated and demands to ”look at the water”.

The interface is a bit strange, you have to start and stop the simulation in order to position things where you want them, but this is only a minor nuisance. This software will keep any nerd occupied for hours.

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