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Lord of the Rings Online – A work-around for the dread ”unspecified patch error” using Sikuli

Posted in nörderier with tags , , on 2012-12-21 by Kristian

100% of our LoTRO installations (3 out of 3) suffer from the ”unspecified patch error” problem.


However, it seems like it is possible to brute-force a solution. We noticed that the ”remaining changes to apply” number decreased every time the launcher was restarted after an unspecified patch error, and realized that it would be possible to automate the restart procedure, using Sikuli, a computer-vision-based GUI test tool.

This is how it is done:

  1. Make sure that Java 6 (download link) is installed on your computer, or it will not work. Sikuli currently dislike Java 7.
  2. Install Sikuli, it can be downloaded here ->
  3. Download the restart script, and unpack it where you will find it. It creates a directory, lotropatcher.sikuli
  4. Start the IDE using the ”Sikuli-IDE.bat” file from the Sikuli installation directory and load the script.
  5. Modify the ”lotro” path to point to where your TurbineLauncher.exe is installed.
  6. Start the script and wait until LoTRO is patched. The script is not very intelligent, so when done you need to start the task manager and kill the java process.
  7. If it doesn’t work, try replacing the ”unspecified patch error” in the wait statement with a screenshot of your own, refer to for the manual.


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